Relationship Refresh

25 Fun Challenges to Refresh Your Relationship in 25 days ❤️

Day 1: Give each other a compliment.

Day 2: Show each other your favorite picture of the other person.

Day 3: Slow dance at home together.

Day 4: Write each other love notes and give them when you get in bed that night.

Day 5: Have a no electronics night.

Day 6: Tell each other how you knew or the moment you knew they were the one.

Day 7: Tell each other a time you were proud or impressed with each other.

Day 8: Read each other’s love languages.

Day 9: Make a playlist of songs that remind you of each other.

Day 10: Have a date night.

Day 11: Leave a little note in an unexpected place.

Day 12: Work on a task together. It could be making something or organizing an area of your home.

Day 13: Recreate your first date .

Day 14: Rewrite your vows.

Day 15: Share your vows.

Day 16: Draw a picture of the other person.

Day 17: Take a faceless photo.

Day 18: Play 20 questions.

Day 19: Make a time capsule.

Day 20: Thank your significant other for 3 things they did for you recently.

Day 21: Share a fantasy.

Day 22: Exercise together.

Day 23: Go on a date with another couple.

Day 24: Tell each other your favorite parts of this Relationship Refresh!

Day 25: Do both of your favorite days of the Relationship Refresh again!

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