Why I let my husband be a man.

Modern marriage is different than traditional marriage. Not necessarily bad just different. Sure it’s great that women don’t always need men in this time we live in. But wanting and needing are two very different things. I WANT my husband to be the man of the house and I NEED my husband to be the man of the house.

Here’s why:

1. I like to feel safe. I like the natural instincts he has as a man and I do not want to do the things he has to do like go make sure that noise I heard in the middle of the night is nothing, or do gross things like kill spiders !

2. My life is better because of him wanting that for me.

Men have this natural need to make their partner happy. If something I want is feasible and not ridiculous my husband will almost always do it. Men hate seeing their women upset, they ALWAYS have your back.

3. He deserves it !

My husband deserves to feel like king of the castle. Do you know why ? Because he made me queen of the castle and let’s me know it on the daily. For some reason some women think it is the man’s job to make them feel special and important and they do not have to do the same. Guess what ladies ? THAT IS YOUR JOB TOO! Men are not our slaves they are our gift.

4. Our kids.

Our kids need this. I need my son to see my husband not be put down as a man so he can be a good husband to his wife. I try to be a good example of a wife to my daughter, as well as what I want my son to look for in a woman. All we want for our children is for them to be happy.

5. I love him.

If you married someone that means you love them. Loving someone means they are important to you and your job is to let them know that. Husbands need to know we need them, they want to take care of their families and lead.

– Ally Bryant @MarriedMillenials.com

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